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Applied Materials Technology

The term ”Applied materials technology” is defined as a research area where manufacturing technology is integrated with material technology and product development. The research aim is often focused on enhancement of properties and on material implementation for different applications, like induction heating, rather than on material characterization and material modeling. At the division of Material and Production Engineering, research has been pursued within the following areas: Metal Matrix Composites (MMC), thermoplastic composites, thermoset composites, Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC), magnetostrictive alloys, amorphous alloys, carbide based tool materials. Research has been focused on the following applications: Protective covers and materials, low weight automotive components, induction heating, electrical motors, actuators, sensors for torque, force and acceleration measurements, excessive wear components, shearing tools, cutting tools, forming tool inserts.

Contact:Jan-Eric Ståhl, Tord Cedell, Mats Andersson

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