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Metal Cutting

Metal cutting represents a dominating group of processing technologies, with respect to the total added value to industrial products. A number of metal cutting processes or methods are studied within this discipline, including turning, milling, drilling, reaming, broaching, planing etc. In general, most research has been focused on the improvement of the reliability and performance of the various machining processes, giving an increased understanding of how product quality can be improved, how production times can be reduced, how process disturbances can be reduced and how the manufacturing costs can be minimized. At the division of Material and Production Engineering, research has been pursued within the following areas: tool wear and tool deterioration, process monitoring, clamping and fixturing of tools and work pieces, vibrations and dynamic analysis of cutting processes, measuring technology, FE simulation,  mechanical load identification and analysis, thermal analysis, intermittent metal cutting, burr formation in cutting operations, active vibration damping, hard machining in turning and milling operations, vibrations assisted metal cutting. Studied methods are primarily turning, milling, drilling, planing and grinding.

 Contact:Jan-Eric Ståhl,  Mats Andersson,  Zhou Jinming

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