Thesis presentations

Welcome to the presentation of our students' Master's degree works 2022!

We start at the hour sharp and each project will have an 20-30 min presentation followed by questions and discussions. The presentation will be hybrid and take place in the lecture room at the iprod workshop. 


Register here for the presentation on the 25th of May. You can join for all presentations or select the one you are interested in. 

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Start timeTitleStudentsSupervisorExaminer
10:00A Study of tool wear behaviour during milling of Compacted Graphite Iron under dry and Minimum Quantity Lubricant conditionsKevin Monroe

Dr. Volodymir Bushlya

Rebecka Lindvall

Prof. Jan-Eric Ståhl


Register here for the presentation on the 2nd of June. You can join for all presentations or select the one you are interested in. 

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Start timeTitleStudentsSupervisorExaminer
13:00Broad ion beam cross-sectioning, microscopy, and image analysis of battery electrode morphology (Only digital)Aamer Siddiqui

Prof. Dmytro Orlov 

Tiva Sharifi (Scania Group)

Prof. Jan-Eric Ståhl
14:00Strain Rate Characterization of Packaging MaterialsZichun Wang

Prof. Dmytro Orlov

Erik Bergvall (Tetra Pak)

Prof. Jinming Zhou
15:00Design of Cost Efficient Joining Solutions for a Composite Metal Structure

Florian Ventur

David Breitkreuz

Dr. Volodymyr Bushlya

Dr. Ola Flodén

Dr. Christina Windmark

Inegbedion Michael Ehimenmen (Volvo Group)

Prof. Jan-Eric Ståhl
16:00Polymer surface analysis with regard to various machining parameters

Venkatesh Pottabathini

Nabeel Sayed

Prof. Jan-Eric StåhlDr. Volodymyr Bushlya
17:00The influence of tool geometry on damping during machiningParsa RostamiProf. Jan-Eric StåhlDr Volodymyr Bushalya


Register here for the presentation on the 9th of June. You can join for all presentations or select the one you are interested in. 

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Start timeTitleStudentsSupervisorExaminer
08:00Effect of cutting parameters on hole defects while drilling twill reinforced bio-compositesAnirudh Kashyap HindupurDr. Andrii Hrechuk Prof. Jan-Eric Ståhl
09:00Experimental Study and Modelling of Heat Transfer in Milling of Titanium AlloysBelén Cámara Herrero

Prof. Rachid M’Saoubi

Dr. Andrii Hrechuk 

Prof. Jan-Eric Ståhl

Performance and Wear Behaviour of Coated and Uncoated Cemented Carbide Tools during Milling of Titanium Alloys

Juan Bello Bermejo

Prof. Rachid M’Saoubi

Rebecka Lindvall

Prof. Jan-Eric Ståhl

Redesign of a Production Dashboard under consideration of Lean and Performance Management Aspects – A Case Study

Constanze ArnoldDr. Christina WindmarkProf. Jan-Eric Ståhl
13:00Robotic machining of aluminum alloy: evaluation of performance and part accuracyJinxing Zhang

Prof. Anders Robertsson

Dr. Mathias Haage

Prof. Jinming Zhou

Summaries of Master's theses provided by the Master's Programme students in Spring 2021

Our research focus is the study of manufacturing processes, machines and manufacturing systems, which can be used to process materials in a competitive way, with a consideration to the internal and external environment.

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