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Master Thesis Presentations

Welcome to the presentation of our students' Master's degree works 2021

We start at the hour sharp and each project will have an 20-30 min presentation followed by questions and discussions. 


Register here for the presentation on the 1st of June. You can join for all presentations or select the one you are interested in. 



Start timeTitleStudentsSupervisorExaminer
09:00Microstructure and wear investigation of TiC reinforced Hadfield SteelIsac Lazar, Adam JohanssonDr. Latifa MelkProf. Jan-Eric Ståhl
10:00Axial cutting forces in drilling operationsHeaven Frezgi and Bharath GelliDr. Daniel JohanssonProf. Jan-Eric Ståhl
11:00Development of an optimized cost model: A step towards Circular EconomyBadri Reddy Gade and Spuran Reddy AbbuDr. Christina Windmark, Babak KianianProf. Jan-Eric Ståhl
13:00Bio-diversity on magnificant metal surfaces Kunal SharmaDr. Filip Lenrick, Dr.Martin Hjort (Med-fak)Prof. Jan-Eric Ståhl
14:00A comparative study on
hole quality and
tool wear criteria in CFRP drilling
Jerome Paul Raenius Jeevanandha,
Sakthivel Balaji
Dr. Andrii HrechukProf. Jan-Eric Ståhl

Register here for the presentation on the 2nd of June. You can join for all presentations or select the one you are interested in. 



Start timeTitleStudentsSupervisorExaminer
10:00New era of automation in Scania’s manufacturing systemsAlistair Brice and Motouz Abdalrahman 

Prof. Anders Robertsson

Prof. Charlotta Johnsson

Prof. Jinming Zhou
14:00Recycling and separation of lead from copper alloysDeepak Ram and Manish Basavaraj Basaligundi

Jakob Johansson,

Dr Filip Lenrick

Prof. Jan-Eric Ståhl
15:00Tribological and corrosion performance of ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC) treated automotive brake discs

Shanmukharaj Jayashankar

and Chandan Kumar

Prof. Jens Wahlström,

Rebecka Lindvall,

Dr. Oleksandr Gutnichenko

Prof. Jan-Eric Ståhl

Register here for the presentation on the 9th of June. The presentations are in two parallel sessions. You can join for all presentations or select the one you are interested in. 

Session 1 9th of June



Start timeTitleStudentsSupervisorExaminer
09:00Measuring product dimensions during assemblySerhat Koca and Hilda AnderssonDr. Christina Windmark and Dr. Andrii Dr. Fredrik Schultheiss
10:00Different Heat Treatment parameters investigation on microstructure, mechanical and wear properties of Hadfield SteelRahul Milind Kulkarni & Vishwajit Vishnu KolekarDr. Latifa MelkProf. Jan-Eric Ståhl
11:00Correlation between microstructural and mechanical properties in NbC reinforced Hadfield
steel composites
Lakshmi ManognaDr. Latifa MelkProf. Jan-Eric Ståhl
13:00Wear performance investigation of Metal Matrix CompositesHema Kalidasu and Manideep BeriDr.Latifa MelkProf. Jan-Eric Ståhl
14:00Surface integrity in drilling of Inconel 718Shao DuProf. Jinming; Dr. Rachid M'saoubi and Dr. Kateryna SlipchenkoProf. Jan-Eric Ståhl
15:00 Effect of impurities, trace elements and ageing time on gray cast ironPuneeth Kumar Shivarudrappa Dr. Filip Lenrick, Rebecka LindvallProf. Jan-Eric Ståhl
16:00In vitro study of bio-degradation in Mg alloys by isothermal calorimetry Prasad Rajendra Kekare and Akshat KulkarniProf. Dmytro Orlov, Prof. Lars WadsöProf. Srinivasan Iyengar


Session 2 9th of June



Start timeTitleStudent SupervisorExaminer
11:00Casting Simulation of Air Disc BrakesShivakumar Malagi and Shankar V PatilDr. Per Hansson and Prof. Aylin AhadiProf. Solveig Melin
13:00FM simulation of mounting of an anisotropic workpiece material to reduce the effects of vibrationSudarshan Girigimallayanapalya Shivanna and Punith PrakashProf. Aylin Ahadi and Prof. Solveig MelinDr. Kristina Nilsson

Industriell Produktion

Vi bedriver forskning och utbildning inom material- och produktionsteknik.


Produktionsportalen - Samverkan inom LTH

SPI - Ett strategiskt forskningsområde vid LU

ProMatEn - Kompetensutveckling inom avancerad produktion

CEMEC - Centre for Electro Magnetic Energy Conversion


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