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Synchrotron-based material characterisation

Can you help us bridge the gap between fundamental science and applied industrial R&D?

Are you interested in advanced synchrotron-based material characterisation using MAX IV?

Would you like to work with companies such as Volvo, Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak, Sandvik or Seco?

If your answer to these questions is Yes, then we might have a Master thesis project for you. We at Production and Materials Engineering regularly team up with industry R&D departments to perform experiments at synchrotron research facilities, such as MAX IV. If the timing is right, you can join such an experiment and use that as the basis for your thesis.

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If there are no experiments scheduled during your project window, there are many ongoing and exciting synchrotron projects where you can join the post-experiment data analysis and create a great Master thesis project. These post-experiment projects typically generate the most interesting results and generate the most excitement among the companies.  

You should know, however, that analysing this type of data is both time consuming and demanding. Often involving programming new scripts (in, for example, Python). Since these projects are quite challenging we only recommend them for the highly ambitious students.

Students work


To learn more about currently available projects and industry collaborations, please contact:

Filip Lenrick,

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