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Industrial corrosion, testing and evaluation

Can you help us bridge the gap between fundamental science and applied industrial R&D?

Are you interested in developing new testing methods for real world applications?

Would you like to work with companies such as Tetra Pak, Alfa Laval, Alleima and ThermoCalc?

If your answer to these questions is Yes, then we might have a Master thesis project for you. We at Production and Materials Engineering collaborate with the R&D departments in the above-mentioned companies on developing new corrosion testing methods. We are interested in real world applications, where systematic material evaluation can make a real difference here and now.

Students are working on corrosion
corrosion machine

By use of a lab-built machine for accelerated corrosion, equipped with a potentiostat for accurate measurements of corrosion, your project will result in mapping out engineering diagrams that can be used in industry right away.

Examples of project focus:

  • Corrosion in different environments and their protection mechanisms. 
  • Corrosion on different materials and their protection mechanisms.
  • Corrosion on as-produced material vs plastically deformed material vs thermally relaxed material. 
  • Comparing crevice corrosion vs pitting corrosion vs general corrosion.
  • Student idea
Students are working on

To learn more about currently available projects and industry collaborations, please contact:

Filip Lenrick,

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